Winter is here! In this Video we go over the Top 13 Anime of Winter 2017.  These are the  New series we are looking forward to as well as our 1st impression on each for the Winter 2017 season.  There are time stamps below if you would like to jump forward to other anime.

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0:28 – Acca 13 (Streaming on FUNimation)
1:26 – Akiba’s Trip (Streaming on Crunchyroll & FUNimation)
2:40 – Interviews with Monster Girls (Streaming on Crunchyroll)
3:37 – Fuuka (Streaming on Crunchyroll & FUNimation)
5:14 – Gabriel Dropout (Streaming on Crunchyroll)
6:17 – Granblue Fantasy (This show was canceled for winter, moved to Spring)
7:15 – Hand Shakers (Streaming on FUNimation)
8:54 – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Streaming on FUNimation)
9:49 – Masamune-kun’s Revenge (Streaming on Crunchyroll & FUNimation)
11:17 – Onihei (Streaming on Amazon)
12:12 – Scum’s Wish (Streaming on Amazon)
13:01 – Seiren (Streaming on Crunchyroll)
14:08 – Youjo Senki (Streaming on Crunchyroll & FUNimation)