The Story

Many years back, we talked about finding Anime Reviews online and why it was so hard to find good ones.  Written reviews were way too wordy, and YouTube reviews were so long winded (like 45 minute videos!!  Some still are.)  And for some odd reason, no one online likes to show their face as they talk about their favorite Anime or while reviewing.    We talked about doing our own show online at some point, but put a pin in it for the future.  Some time later we began going to more conventions each year (We have so many local ones here).  Yes for the anime swag, but mainly for the panels and great discussions to be had at the events.  After a rather terrible convention (there was really nothing good in the dealer room or any good panels, like 0), we started talking and realized…”We can do this panel thing too!”  At the Start of 2014 we decided to take the pin out and really consider talking to everyone about Anime online, but with level heads, not as fanboys getting lost on hype trains (One Puuuunnch!).  We started building The Studio (“Kame House”) that summer and in September we published our 1st Video.  As they say, the rest is history.  

The Crew

coty_profile_squareCoty Rodriguez


I’m a sucker for unique stories and characters that have growth and development. I’ve seen a lot of anime spanning over many genres and want to keep on expanding my “watched list”. I enjoy open minded discussions on anime and manga and look forward to when a person asks “what anime should I watch next?”. I have my favorite shows just like any one else, but we’re all here because we like anime, so who gives a damn about sub vs dub?!

Anime Stats
Number of Anime Watched:
436 (According to
Favorite Character:  
Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
3 Favorite Genre/Tags:
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Psychological
3 Least Fav Genre/Tags:
Shoujo, Ecchi, Magical girl

fresh-profile-squareManny Pichardo


I Love Anime and Japanese culture. Watching it, talking about it, speculating, reading about it, everything.  Once in a while I pick up a new Manga, but then don’t finish it.  I do however watch almost every Genre and have seen a large variety of anime.   There is no other medium like Anime; The concepts, the Characters, the storytelling, it is truly unique and experiencing the eastern perspective is absolutely enthralling and entertaining.

Anime Stats
Number of Anime Watched: 491 (According to
Favorite Character:  Vegeta (Dragon Ball Kai)
3 Favorite Genre/Tags: Shounen, Action, Sports
3 Least Fav Genre/Tags: Magic Girl, Horror, Episodic



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