In 2014, after a particularly difficult anime convention, we realized there was a need for a non-toxic perspective within the anime community. A voice of reason was missing. So we started down the path to answer that call. 

The Crew

coty_profile_squareCoty Rodriguez


I’m a sucker for unique stories and characters that have growth and development. I’ve seen a lot of anime spanning over many genres and want to keep on expanding my “watched list”. I enjoy open minded discussions on anime and manga and look forward to when a person asks “what anime should I watch next?”. I have my favorite shows just like any one else, but we’re all here because we like anime, so who gives a damn about sub vs dub?!

Anime Stats
Number of Anime Watched:
436 (According to
Favorite Character:  
Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
3 Favorite Genre/Tags:
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Psychological
3 Least Fav Genre/Tags:
Shoujo, Ecchi, Magical girl

fresh-profile-squareManny Pichardo


I Love Anime and Japanese culture. Watching it, talking about it, speculating, reading about it, everything.  Once in a while I pick up a new Manga, but then don’t finish it.  I do however watch almost every Genre and have seen a large variety of anime.   There is no other medium like Anime; The concepts, the Characters, the storytelling, it is truly unique and experiencing the eastern perspective is absolutely enthralling and entertaining.

Anime Stats
Number of Anime Watched: 491 (According to
Favorite Character:  Vegeta (Dragon Ball Kai)
3 Favorite Genre/Tags: Shounen, Action, Sports
3 Least Fav Genre/Tags: Magic Girl, Horror, Episodic